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  Forums and mailing lists

Internet presents new exciting possibilities for the professional translator. Translation-related mailing lists and forums can help you get in contact with your colleagues, exchange ideas, post questions regarding terminology, find clients from all over the world and be kept informed of the latest technology products in the field. Search the forum or mailing list best suited for your work, and keep in touch!


Computer E-mail lists for individual languages (The list of Languages lists)

LANTRA-L Translation and interpretation

Cecilia Falk's newsgroups and mailing lists for translators

Glosspost - Mailing lists dedicated to dictionaries, glossaries, etc.

Atril mailing lists' control-panel

Directory of language-related USENET news groups

Electronic Mailing Lists in Linguistics

List of Usenet Groups by the Natural Language Translation Specialist Group of the British Computer Society

Biblit, Ideas and Resources for Literary Translators (Italian)

Directory of language-related mailing lists

Miling lists archived on the LINGUIST site

Newsgroups available under "soc.culture"

Déjà Vu messages at

CATT (computer-aided translation & terminology) messages at

List of translation software groups at


We will be happy to hear your comments on other links you would like to see included in this list!