Machine translation has come of age and this is surely good news for the multilingual world of Internet. Some of the best-known products are already present in the Net ready for you to try. With TranslateNow! you get a single-point access to 28 of the best systems for over 38 different languages .
Don't expect an automatic translation to have the same quality: Machine translation is not perfect and its results will never be able to compete with human translation.
But not all of us have a gift for translation and sometimes a translation (even with error) can come handy. In general the Internet free service provided by MT products is limited in the number of characters they permit to translate.

Just follow these three very easy steps:

1) Choose the language you want to translate from (source language)

2) Choose the target language. Translate Now! will propose all available machine translation engines for the selection you've just made. 

3) Select a product from the list enter a text or make copy&paste from any of your applications and click on "Go" !

Once your translation is ready it will be displayed on the right frame. Maybe you want to try again with another text, or compare the results with another system. Sending your text for translation by another programme is easy! Just click on "Next" and Translate Now! will send your text to next MT system in the list.

Click on the  icon for information on the selected product.

Please note that some products put a limit on the number of characters accepted for translation.

And if you are pleased with the results, why not tell Translate to remember your preferences so that next time you come back everything is there as you left it? Click on the icon and just enter your text and click "GO" the next time you come!


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