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Dictionnaires Ukrainien - Anglais


Type: Bilingue
Propriétaire: Lingresua
Description: More than 20000 English and Ukrainian words and phrases available. For Ukrainian input, please, type normalised form of words. It means, nouns should be in singular, if possible, verbs should be infinitives, adjectives should be in masculine gender nominative singular. For English input any word forms. If your browser does not select encoding automatically, choose Cyrillic(Windows) or win-1251 charset manually.
Langues: Anglais/Ukrainien, Ukrainien/Anglais

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Type: Plurilingue
Description: Online dictionary for all possible language combinations of English, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and Belarusian
Langues: Toute combinaison de Anglais, Biélorusse, Polonais, Russe, Ukrainien

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