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   Direcciones útiles

Esta página contiene una selección de enlaces a sitios Web que pueden resultar en general de utilidad para el traductor. La lista no pretende ser exhaustiva pues cada día aparecen nuevos sitios dedicados al mundo de la traducción(recursos terminológicos, ofertas de trabajo, foros, listas de correo, etc.), e intentar cubrir todos ellos sería poco práctico, sino imposible.


The Linguist List (Eastern Michigan Univ. & Wayne State Univ.)

Most impressive site containing thousands of links under the following sections:

The profession (Homepages of conferences & institutes, Current conferences, Online conferences, Conference calls, Linguistic associations, Funding sources, Jobs, Linguistics programs, Personal pages, E-mail addresses, List of mailing lists, Lists archived and searchable on LINGUIST sites)

Research & research support (Papers, Dissertation abstracts, Projects, Bibliographies, Topic-oriented sites, LINGUIST Topic pages, Texts)

Publication (LINGUIST book announcements, LINGUIST book reviews, Journals & Newsletters, Journal tables of Contents, Publishers)

Pedagogy (Classes & syllabi, ESL & EFL)

Language resources (Languages & language families, Dictionaries, Regional information)

Computer support (Fonts, Software, SGML & TEI, MOO's & MUD's, Citing on-line sources, Other on-line linguistic sources)


Internet Resources for Translators (by Michelle de Raaij)

A very well structured site containing links to translators resources, translators associations, translation schools, language-related newsgroups and mailing lists, translation tools, etc. Highly recommendable.

Links für Übersetzer (by Dieter Wiggert)

Huge number of links under the following sections:

Data Bases for translators, Terminology, Online dictionaries and glossaries, Useful links for translators, Associations for Translators, Institutions, Magazines, Useful Internet Adresses, Other useful links, Translation Agencies, Job offers and Registry in databases, and Software for Translators. Absoultely worth a visit!

Aquarius Net

"Today, the Aquarius web site is the largest Internet directory of translators and interpreters, with more than 10,000 freelance translators and 1,600 translation agencies registered. Our pages are read daily by thousands of translation professionals and we are probably the best-linked translation-related web site in the world. Aquarius also features forums for translators, a very busy classified ads section, the world's first bidding system for translation jobs and a daily news selection. We offer several membership plans for our subscribers, we have a ring of affiliated web sites, we have respected advertisers and finally... we've got competition."              

Contains links to translation agencies, associations, vendors of translation tools, dictionaries, language resources, etc. Very complete!

Resources on Languages
"A growing collection of on-line language learning resources: authentic materials; language lessons; socio-cultural studies and language learning references; fonts and productivity tools." - Mainly links to newspapers in Arabic, Burmese, English, Hebrew, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Chinese, Spanish, Swahili, Thai and Vietnamese.  From the Center for the Advancement of  Language Learning 

XRCE (Xerox) Language Identifier

Demo on-line version of a commercial product by Xerox which identifies the language of a written text containing 5 or more words. 47 languages identified.

The Human-Languages Page

"The Human-Languages Page is a comprehensive catalog of language-related Internet resources. The more than 1800 links in the HLP database have been hand-reviewed to bring you the best language links the Web has to offer. Whether you're looking for online language lessons, translating dictionaries, native literature, translation services, software, language schools, or just a little information on a language you've heard about, the HLP probably has something to suit your needs."

Contains links in the following categories: Languages & literature, schools & institutions, linguistic resources, products & services, organizations, jobs & internships, dictionaries, and language lessons.

Jobs for translators

"Jobs for translators is a weekly mailing list with job offers for translators and interpreters in every language. The jobs are culled from 88 major United States newspapers and many others from all over the world, as well as CompuServe's FLEFO, sci.lang.translation, sci.lang.translation.marketplace, Aquarius, Lantra-L and hosts of other Internet sources."

Interessante WWW-Seiten für ÜbersetzerInnen und DolmetscherInnen

Links on translation and interpretation schools, terminology collections, on line publications, dictionaries, language industry , etc. (In German)

A collection of useful links and resources for translators

A good selection of links to "General translation resources (Mailing lists, Usenet newsgroups, translators' associations), Italian resource (includes some translation software) Dictionaries and glossaries, Other pages with language links on the Web". By Anna Mazzoldi.

One of the best, if not the best, resource for on-line dictionaries, glossaries, grammar guides, etc. etc. etc. It includes hundreds of links under the following headings:  Multilingual Dictionaries, Specialty English Dictionaries, Thesauri and Other Vocabulary Aids, Language Identifiers and Guessers, An Index of Dictionary Indices, A Web of On-line Grammars, and A Web of Linguistic Fun

Traduzione e computer

Links to Machine translation software and companies, relevant sites and related pages, and Universities and Organizations working on MT. (In English) By Federico Zanettin

La página del Idioma Español

Excelent page with lots of links to resources mainly for Spanish but also for other languages (in Spanish).

Superpágina de Enlaces

Hundreds of interesting links for translators sorted by country (In Spanish.) By Yolanda Martin.

MLIS (Language Engineering Directory)

Information on hundreds of language products. This page is maintained by the Multi-lingual Information Society programme of the European Commission.


Libros y artículos on-line sobre traducción

Home-Based Translation: A Goldmine for Bilingual People
"How about taking your writing skills, and that second language you learned in highschool, and do something very profitable with them, entirely from the comfort of your home? Are you aware of the possibilities in the freelance translation business, that you can actually make a lot of money from your home if you're a good writer and ready to make the effort to be an efficient translator?..." By Staffan Johansson 


Librerías on-line

i.b.d. Ltd. (International Book Distributors) Foreign Language Dictionaries
Foreign Language Dictionaries and Related Publications for Translators, Dictionaries on CD-ROM, etc.


The Language Catalogue
Schoenhof's Foreign Books offers a catalog listing 9000 dictionaries, grammars and language-learning titles in 400 languages and dialects.


Enlaces a periódicos y revistas

Media Links - Online Media Directory
Database containing links to thousands of newspapers, magazines, radio stations, etc. from all over the world.


Enlaces relacionados con el Tratamiento del Lenguaje Natural

The Natural Language Software Registry
Links to NLP Tools


Software Tools for NLP
Links to software tools for Natural Language Processing. Includes links to taggers and morphological anlyzers, stemmers, collocation tools, parsers, corpus tools, language modelling, language identification, speech recognition, information retrieval, etc.



Resources on Languages
"A growing collection of on-line language learning resources:
authentic materials; language lessons; socio-cultural studies and language
learning references; fonts and productivity tools" Sorted by language.


Compilation of Printed Engineering Dictionaries

Dictionaries for Process Engineering Translations:

Compilation of 135 (printed) engineering dictionaries in many languages for the areas of chemistry, process engineering, vacuum engineering, microelectronics, measurement and control as well as related areas.

Dictionaries for Automotive Engineering Translations

Compilation of over 80 (printed) specialized dictionaries in many languages for automotive engineering and related areas.


Sitios Web no dedicados exclusivamente a temas relacionados con la lengua

1st SPOT

A portal comprising links to language sites, meta-search engines, some dictionaries and magazines. You will find lots of links for learning languages.


Envíanos tus sugerencias y comentarios sobre otros productos que piensas que deberían formar parte de esta lista