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Truespel establishes a new phonetic notation for English and a new spelling convention for showing stress in a word. Using this notation, you can indicate exactly how you pronounce any word, including regional dialects and most foreign words.

Truespel is the world's first notation for phonetic spelling that does all the following:

    1. Shows syllabic stress
    2. Uses common English spelling patterns as a basis
    3. Does not use any special characters or symbols
    4. Minimizes confusion with traditional English spelling


The objective of truespel is to provide a consistent notation that enables you to spell according to the sounds (or phonemes) you hear. Conversely, it enables you to read aloud any dialect or language spelled in truespel, i.e., as a translation guide. For this, Truespel is far simpler than any other writing system or pronunciation guide.  One of the goals of the Truespel Foundation is to form a phonetic anglocentric basis for spelling, learning, and analyzing most of the major languages as rewritten in truespel.

Because truespel gives a written rendering of the spoken word, in effect you spell what you hear. The phonetic spellings of this converter show a USA accent as taken from a popular USA talking dictionary CD-ROM. Thus, you can learn standard USA media accent by studying this converter.

Truespel can be learned by analyzing the following story:

"That kwik baezh faaks jumpd in thee air oever eech thhin daug. Look out, ie shout, for heez foild yue uggen." (That quick beige fox jumped in the air over each thin dog. Look out, I shout, for he's foiled you again.)

Associate the sounds in the story with the truespel way of spelling them, and you have the 40 phonemes of USA English. The only other truespel rules are that an apostrophe precedes a glottal stop (glo'le), and a quote precedes a stressed vowel in the absence of a double consonant. That's it. It's as simple as could be.

For now, for those who want an easy-to-read and accurate pronunciation guide in USA accent, there is this truespel converter.
Many applications are possible, especially translation guides, remedial tutorials, ESL tutorials, and possibly text-to-speech.

Also, for the first time common spreadsheet functions can be used to analyze the sounds of USA English via the truespel dictionary. Check it out at truespel.com for database and other information, free for educational, noncommercial uses. Note that official changes to Truespel are only through consultation with Tom Zurinskas, to establish version control. Contact the address below if youd like to work in Truespel.

Address comments to: truespel@hotmail.com.
For further information, please visit: http://www.truespel.com

Future dictionaries can be built for foreignword.com


Key to the 40 soundz of Eenglish (USA accent) with percentage
each phoneme was found in truespel dictionary

ID sound % Sample words
v1 i 9.9% sit
v2 ee 5.0% see
v3 er 3.4% her
v4 u 3.3% up
v5 e 2.6% beg
v6 a 2.1% bad
v7 ae 2.1% sundae
v8 aa 1.9% aardvark,Saab
v9 ie 1.4% pie
v10 oe 1.4% toe
v11 oo 1.2% good
v12 ue 1.2% blue
v13 or 0.7% or
v14 au 0.4% auger
v15 air 0.4% fair
v16 ou 0.4% out
v17 oi 0.1% toil
k1 n,nn 7.8% in
k2 s,ss 6.8% sin
k3 t,tt 6.8% tip
k4 l,ll 5.4% lift
k5 k,kk 4.1% kid
k6 d,dd 4.0% did
k7 r,rr 3.9% rat
k8 z,zz 3.7% zap
k9 p,pp 3.3% pub
k10 m,mm 3.0% mist
k11 g,gg 2.6% good
k12 b,bb 1.7% bad
k13 f,ff 1.7% fair
k14 y,yy 1.6% yet
k15 sh,ssh 1.2% wish
k16 v,vv 1.2% van
k17 w,ww 1.2% wag
k18 j,jj 0.8% just
k19 h,hh 0.7% hat
k20 ch,cch 0.5% chin
k21 thh,tthh 0.3% thin
k22 th,tth 0.1% that
k23 zh,zzh 0.1% vision

Truespel Dictionary
- Total phonemes =               432,058
- Total words (v1.0) =             59,252
- Phonemes per word =                7.3


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