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Important: To use the dictionary you need to install a Georgian font on your computer. Click here to download a Georgian font now. For instructions on how to install the font on your computer click here. For help on how to use this dictionary click here.

German-Georgian-German dictionary by  Michael Jelden, published by Helmut Buske Verlag, Hamburg, 2001. ISBN 3-87548-234-4, hardcover, 379 pages, approx. 16,000 lemmata and 90,000 words. Buy it here. (at

The dictionary includes many sample phrases and much grammatical information. All postpositions and suffixes are listed with case information, and all verbs are accompanied by details of their conjugation class. Georgian verbs are listed by root. A short grammatical sketch of the language is provided in the book, including conjugation and declension patterns, numerals, and geograohical names.

In order to find a Georgian verb in the online version of the dictionary you may search for a root, a 3rd person singular present, perfective form, or a verbal noun. Search for other words as usual.

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