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Machine Translation Systems for Hebrew - French

Reverso Voila

Type: Multi-lingual
Owner: and Softissimo SA
Description: This free on-line MT service by Reverso is an MT product by the French company Softissimo. It features a wide number of language combinations, among which: English <=> French, French <=>German, Russian <=> French, Russian <=> English, German <=> Russian, German =>English, English => Spanish, Italian => Russian. You can even have a web page translated for you by this site.
Languages: English/French, English/German, English/Hebrew, English/Italian, English/Japanese, English/Portuguese, English/Russian, English/Spanish, French/English, French/German, French/Hebrew, French/Italian, French/Japanese, French/Portuguese, French/Russian, French/Spanish, German/English, German/French, German/Portuguese, German/Russian, German/Spanish, Hebrew/English, Hebrew/French, Hebrew/Russian, Hebrew/Spanish, Italian/English, Italian/French, Italian/Spanish, Japanese/English, Japanese/French, Japanese/Russian, Portuguese/English, Portuguese/French, Portuguese/German, Portuguese/Spanish, Russian/English, Russian/French, Russian/German, Russian/Hebrew, Russian/Japanese, Russian/Spanish, Spanish/English, Spanish/French, Spanish/German, Spanish/Hebrew, Spanish/Italian, Spanish/Portuguese, Spanish/Russian

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