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Dictionaries for Korean - English

ECTACO Multilingual

Type: multi-lingual
Description: The multilingual on-line dictionary by ECTACO, Inc. features an amazing total of 19 different languages. The dictionary contains mainly generic terms.
Languages: Albanian/English, Arabic/English, Bulgarian/English, Croatian/English, Czech/English, Dutch/English, English/Albanian, English/Arabic, English/Bulgarian, English/Croatian, English/Czech, English/Dutch, English/Farsi, English/French, English/German, English/Greek, English/Hungarian, English/Italian, English/Korean, English/Latvian, English/Polish, English/Portuguese, English/Romanian, English/Russian, English/Serbian, English/Slovak, English/Spanish, English/Swedish, English/Turkish, English/Yiddish, Farsi/English, French/English, German/English, Greek/English, Hungarian/English, Italian/English, Korean/English, Latvian/English, Polish/English, Portuguese/English, Romanian/English, Russian/English, Serbian/English, Slovak/English, Spanish/English, Swedish/English, Turkish/English, Yiddish/English

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Yahoo's English - Korean & Korean - English Dictionaries

Type: Bilingual
Owner: Yahoo Korea
Description: A very good general dictionary containing thousands of entries and a lot of phrases and examples of usage. Highly recommendable!
Languages: English/Korean, Korean/English

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