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Dictionaries for Esperanto - Dutch

Travlang's Translating Dictionaries

Type: multi-lingual
Owner: travlang
Description: A large collection of mostly small dictionaries for travellers. We restricted ourselve to include only language combinations we did not find elsewhere (such as Frisian). Another example are the Esperanto dictionaries. These are quite voluminous with between 10.000 and 15.000 entries.
Languages: Afrikaans/Dutch, Afrikaans/German, Czech/Dutch, Czech/German, Dutch/Afrikaans, Dutch/Czech, Dutch/Esperanto, Dutch/French, Dutch/Frisian, English/Esperanto, English/Frisian, Esperanto/Dutch, Esperanto/English, Esperanto/French, Esperanto/German, Esperanto/Portuguese, French/Dutch, French/English, French/Esperanto, French/German, Frisian/Dutch, Frisian/English, German/Afrikaans, German/Czech, German/Esperanto, Portuguese/Esperanto

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