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Dictionaries for English - Vietnamese

KSVN computing dictionary

Type: bi-lingual
Description: English-Vietnamese/Vietnamese-EN dictionary.
"+ Enter a space at the end if you want to search for an exact word.
For example:
• Typing "man " is to search for the exact word "man".
• Typing "man" is for anything like "man", "maniac", "manual" , etc...
+ Just type in a single word only.
New: 20,000 medical terms "
Languages: English/Vietnamese

(MS Explorer only)



English-Vietnamese Electronic Dictionary

Type: multi-lingual
Owner: Ho Ngoc Duc of the "Free English-Vietnamese-French Dictionary Project"
Description: "This project arises from the growing need of all of us to have a quality English-ViŠt dictionary for use in everyday life and in work. There are already a few electronic English-ViŠt dictionaries available, but none is free or complete. Furthermore, most of these dictionaries only work under the Windows environment. This need compels us to build a FREE English-Vietnamese Dictionary Database, and the programs (equally free) to run this database as a dictionary on various computer platforms (including Unix, Windows, Mac) Our database and programs will be: - FREE. - Comprehensive. - Transparent. - Easy to use and to upgrade."
Languages: English/Vietnamese, French/Vietnamese, Vietnamese/English, Vietnamese/French

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