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About the Eureka Language Search Engine

The goal of Eureka is to develop an authoritative multi-lingual directory of language and translation related links which shall become the most important reference in the field.

As a specialized language directory, Eureka concentrates on Internet sites related with the subject of language in all its different forms.

What the directory contains:

The Eureka index, which is constantly growing, is the result of the contribution of many editors with different languages and linguistic expertise. Resources are classified by language and domain into many different categories including terminology databases, glossaries, parallel corpora, bilingual and monolingual dictionaries, encyclopedias, language related sites, standards, patents, international organizations, linguistics, translators sites, language industry, localization, tips and tricks, etc. Every entry contains a description of the resource written by a human editor in his/her own native language.

What distinguishes Eureka from other existing language collections or catalogues is its human, collaborative based approach and the large scope of language related subjects included. As a matter of fact all possible aspects of language...

Submitting a site to Eureka is a 100% free process. Every suggestion is carefully analyzed by the Eureka editors who are ultimately responsible for the acceptance/refusal of a site and placement under the adequate category. There are no machine spiders or robots involved and the whole process is controlled by humans.

Editors, credits and contact information

We hereby credit all Eureka voluntary editors for their invaluable contribution to the directory: it's only through their effort and dedication that this project has finally become a reality.

We invite everybody interested in language to join Eureka and actively contribute to its development. You can get in touch with the Eureka chief editor at

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